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Grapevine Epimenis

Psychomorpha epimenis (Drury, 1782)

Owlet Moth Family Noctuidae

Forester Moth Subfamily Agaristinae


Grapevine Epimenis - Psychomorpha epimenis (Drury)

Mary Moore Searight Metro Park
Austin, Travis County, Texas
15 March 2003 (Eric Isley)


Grapevine Epimenis - Psychomorpha epimenis (Drury)

Specimens curated in the TAMUIC

Texas County Records for Psychomorpha epimenis

Grapevine Epimenis - Psychomorpha epimenis (Drury)


Range: TX - FL - Ont. - MN 

Flight Period: February to April, in Texas

Joann Karges has kept records on this species in Tarrant County (Fort Worth) since 1974. Her earliest dates are Feb. 10.  
Chris Durden reported one as early as Feb. 5, 2013 in Austin, Travis County, Texas.

Host Food Plant: Grapes - Family Vitaceae 

Nectar Plants: Visits early spring blooming woody plants such as:

Elbow Bush (Forestiera spp. - Oleaceae) 
Plums and Cherries (Prunus spp. - Rosaceae)
Hawthorne (Crataegus spp. - Rosaceae)
Redbud (Cercis canadensis - Fabaceae)

Type Locality: Virginia

Similar Species: Psychomorpha euryrhoda Hampson, 1910 - Restricted to Florida and very southern Georgia 

Weblink: Grapevine Epimenis (Psychomorpha epimenis) - BAMONA


Larval, Adult, Adult, Adult - BugGuide.Net 
Psychomorpha epimenis - Ed Knudson

Etymology: Psychomorpha epimenis (Drury, 1782)

psycho (G). The soul, mind; a butterfly
morpha (G). Form

epi (G). Upon, over, beside
meni (G). The moon; 
menisc, -o (G). A crescent

Biography: Dru Drury (1725 1804), one of the foremost entomologists of his time.- Wikipedia


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