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Ebony Broad-nosed Weevil

Platyomus flexicaulis (Schaeffer 1905)

Family Curculionidae, Subfamily Entiminae, Tribe Naupactini


Ebony Broad-nosed Weevil - Platyomus flexicaulis (Schaeffer 1905)

Unit tray of Platyomus flexicaulis (Schaeffer) specimens curated in the TAMUIC

Range: All specimens from Cameron County, Texas (primarily in the Brownsville area) with the following exceptions:

Mexico, (no further locality data), VI-22-1935, L. R. Dorland, possibly on mesquite
Mexico, Tamaulipas, 14 mi. W Manuel, VII-11-1973, Gaumer & Clark, taken on Mimosa monancistra

Adult Activity: June through August 

Host: Texas Ebony - Ebenopsis ebano (Berl.) Barneby & Grimes 

Synonym: Pithecellobium flexicaule (Benth.) J.M. Coult.

Similar Species: There are two U.S. species of Platyomus, both of which occur in Texas. 

Platyomus flexicaulis (Schaeffer)
Platyomus pallidulus
Emden 1936

Taxonomy: Original combination:

Pseudocyphus flexicaulis Schaeffer 1905

Etymology: Platyomus flexicaulis (Schaeffer 1905)

plat, -y (G). Broad, flat
omas, =um (L). A paunch
flex, -i (L). Bend; pliant
caul, -i, =is (L). A stem, stalk

Biography: Charles Frederick August Schaeffer (1860-1934)

Burke, H.R. 2004. Notable Weevil Specialists of the Past. Curculio, 49: 5-7.

"His favorite collecting site in the Lower Rio Grande Valley was the Esperanza Ranch located a few miles east of Brownsville, TX. Many species of Coleoptera, as well as members of other orders, have the Esperanza Ranch site as their type locality. Unfortunately, this entomologically important site of original dense shrubs and woods along the Resaca de la Palma has succumbed to urbanization and exists no more as a viable biological entity."


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