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Glowworm Beetle

Phengodes sp.

Family Phengodidae, Subfamily Phengodinae

Soft-bodied beetles with bioluminescent larviform females and larvae

(male Phengodes sp. have plumose antennae & short, pointed elytra)

Austin, Travis Co., TX
June 14, 2006 (Joe Lapp)


(Adult female Phengodes sp. are larviform)

Val Verde County, Texas
June 2007


Females emit light as a defensive mechanism; adult females appear to be larviform
Males have prominent branched antennae to detect the female's pheromones; reduced elytra (forewings), and large bulging eyes.


Males are attracted to females at a distance by pheromones, and at close range by the female's bioluminescent organs.

Similar Species

Over 250 species of Phengodidae occur in the Western Hemisphere, of which 23 species occur in the U.S. (Arnett, 2002).
Of the 10 species of Phengodes (s. str.), 7 occur in the southwestern (Arizona), central, and eastern United States, and 3 others occur in Mexico.

Texas Taxa:

Phengodes frontalis LeConte 
Phengodes fusciceps LeConte


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Glowing Photos:

female Phengodes sp.1 glowing - University of Florida

female Phengodes sp. 2 glowing - University of Florida


Pheng, -o (G). Light

-od (NL). Form


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