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Notes Periodic Cicadas in Texas

17-year Periodical Cicada - Brood IV - The Kansan Brood

Magicicada cassinii (Fisher) - Family Cicadidae


Fannin Co. Brood IV

Specimens collected in Fannin Co. by Tim Brys of the Dallas Zoo Insectarium, who reports:
"It was almost uncomfortable to listen to but not quite." Photo by Valerie Wielard, 2015

17-year Periodical Cicada - Brood IV - The Kansan Brood
The southern portion of Brood IV just crosses the Red River in north Texas
Brood IV mostly emerges at 17 year intervals in years 1981, 1998, 2015, 2032
but a portion of the brood also emerges at 13- and 21-yr intervals!

Brood IV in Texas

(13-year Periodic Cicada Brood XIX may also enter northeastmost Texas)

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Periodical Cicada Brood ChartJohn R. Cooley, MBA, Ph.D.

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Additonal North American Cicadas Referencesedited by Dr. Thomas E. Moore, Curator, University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

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