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Blue-margined Ground Beetle

Pasimachus elongatus LeConte

Family Carabidae, Subfamily Carabinae, Tribe Scaritini


(note large mandibles that are characteristic of this tribe)

Henryetta, Okmulgee Co., Oklahoma
August 7, 2003 (Charles Schurch Lewallen)

Range: Extends northward into the southern part of the Canadian prairie provinces  (Arnett & Thomas, 2000).

Similar Species: There are 11 Nearctic species of Pasimachus (Arnett & Thomas, 2000), most of the species are margined with blue.

Texas Taxa:

Pasimachus californicus Chaudoir 
Pasimachus depressus
Pasimachus duplicatus
Pasimachus elongatus
Pasimachus punctulatus

Photos: Pasimachus elongatus, the blue-lined ground beetle - Dan Johnson


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