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Punctate Little Bear

Paracotalpa puncticollis LeConte

Family Scarabaeidae, Subfamily Rutelinae, Tribe Rutelini


Anza Borrego Desert SP, Borrego Springs, San Diego Co., CA
March 25, 2005 (M Stangeland & K Davis)

Range: California to New Mexico

Similar species: Four species are distributed west of the Rocky Mountains in the United States, none occur in Texas.

Paracotalpa deserta Saylor, 1940 
Paracotalpa granicollis (Haldeman, 1852) 
Paracotalpa puncticollis (LeConte, 1863) 
Paracotalpa ursina (Horn, 1867) 


Paracotalpa puncticollis - Shining Leaf Chafer Beetle - Barbara Strnadovas
Punctate Bear Beetle (Paracotalpa puncticollis) - Frontal shot - reddirtrose's photos
Punctate Bear Beetle (Paracotalpa puncticollis) on California Juniper - Lynn & Gene Monroe


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