Nymphalidae de Mexico I
(Danainae, Apaturinae, Biblidinae y Heliconiinae): 
Distribucion Geografica e Ilustracion

Armando Luis-Martinez, Jorge E. Llorente-Bousquets & Isabel Vargas-Fernandez. 2003. Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, and Comision Nacional Para el Conocimiento y Uso de la Biodiversidad (CONABIO), Mexico City. 249pp. Illustrations by Pal Janos.

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Book on Mexican Nymphalidae available

The above book has just been published in Mexico City, and is now available for purchase.

This book provides detailed distributional data, distribution maps, and color illustrations of adults for all Mexican species in the following genera:

Anetia, Lycorea, Danaus, Asterocampa, Doxocopa, Biblis, Mestra, Catonephele, Eunica, Myscelia, Nessaea, Ectima, Hamadryas, Bolboneura, Epiphile, Nica, Pyrrhogyra, Temenis, Dynamine, Callicore, Diaethria, Cyclogramma, Adelpha (!!!), Basilarchia, Marpesia, Altinote, Actinote, Speyeria, Euptoieta, Agraulis, Dione, Dryadula, Dryas, Philaethria, Laparus, Eueides and Heliconius.

The format and presentation of the book is the same as in the first volume of the series: Papilionidae y Pieridae de Mexico: Distribucion Geografica e Ilustracion (if you don’t have this, see book review by Warren (1999), Journal of the Lepidopterists’ Society 52(3):342-343).

The new book on Mexican Nymphalidae (the first of two volumes on Nymphalidae) is now available for US $40.00.

Anyone wishes to obtain a copy of this book can send a personal check for US $40.00, made out to “Andrew D. Warren,” and mail to same at:

McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity
Florida Museum of Natural History
University of Florida
PO Box 112710 
Gainesville, FL 32611-2710
Phone: (352) 359-0668
email: hesperioidea@yahoo.com

VERY IMPORTANT! Please include a daytime phone number along with your shipping address- the phone number is required by the courier service through whom books are mailed from Mexico City. All numbers will otherwise be kept confidential.

As soon as payment is received, Mexico City will be notified via e-mail, and books are shipped from there, using a safe, express carrier (Warren keeps no extra copies). Books usually take 1-4 weeks to reach their destination.

This is the only way this volume may be obtained, and only 1000 copies exist (so don’t wait too long). 

If outside of the US or Canada, please contact Andy Warren privately to arrange payment (postage may cost more to countries other than the US and Canada); stated price of US $40.00 includes postage from Mexico City to US and Canadian destinations.


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