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Six-spotted Neolema

Neolema sexpunctata (Olivier)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Criocerinae, Tribe Lemini


Atlanta, Fulton Co., Georgia
June 3, 2005 (Bill DuPree)

State Records for Neolema sexpunctata

State Record Source: (Riley et al, 2003)

Range: Texas, north to Illinois, east to New York, south to Florida (Riley et al, 2003)

Hosts: This species is associated with Commelinaceae, having been recorded from Commelina spp. and Tradescantia sp. (Clark et al, 2004)

Biology: Larvae incorporate host plant chemicals (phytols) into their fecal shields to form an effective chemical defense (Morton & Vencl, 1998).

Similar Species: There are eight species of Neolema north of Mexico (Riley et al, 2003).

Texas Taxa:

Neolema cordata R. White 
Neolema dorsalis (Olivier) 
Neolema jacobina (Linell) 
Neolema ovalis R. White 
Neolema quadriguttata R. White 
Neolema sexpunctata (Olivier) 


Neolema sexpunctata (Olivier) - Edward G. Riley
Getting the Poop on Beetle Defenses - PennState Agriculture Magazine, Fall/Winter 1997

Biography: Guillaume Antoine Olivier 1756-1814 - University of Nebraska-Lincoln State Museum - Division of Entomology


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