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Half-famous Leaf Beetle

Megalostomis dimidiata Lacordaire, 1848

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Cryptocephalinae, Tribe Clytrini


Megalostomis dimidiata Lacordaire, 1848

Lake Corpus Christi, San Patricio County, Texas
November 10, 2006 (P Crispin)

Range: Texas, south to Central America


Adults are evidentially specific to with Mimosaceae (Fabaceae).
The larval stage is associated with ants in the genus Atta.

Similar Species

Many species range from northern Mexico to South America. 
Three species, all in the subgenus Pygidiocarina, reach into the southwestern U.S.

Megalostomis dimidiata dimidiata Lacordaire - TX / Mex., C. Amer.
Megalostomis pyropyga pyropyga Lacordaire - AZ, NM / Mex.
Megalostomis subfasciata (J. L. LeConte) - AZ, KS, NM / Mex.


clyt, -o (G). Famous

meg, -a, -alo (G). Large great
stom, =a, -ato, -o (G). A mouth

dimidi (L). Half; to halve


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