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Blue-banded Lema Leaf Beetle

Lema solani Fabricius

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Criocerinae, Tribe Lemini


Cumberland County, North Carolina
July 22, 2004 (Lynette Schimming)

State Records for Lema solani

State Record Source: (Riley et al, 2003)

Range: Southeastern United States (Riley et al, 2003)

Adult Activity: May 16-August 26 in Alabama based on 17 specimens (Balsbaugh & Hays 1972).

Hosts: This species is associated with Solanaceae, having been recorded from Nicotiana tabacum and Solanum spp. (Clark et al, 2004)

Similar Species

This large genus includes hundreds of described species and probably many more undescribed (Arnett et al. 2002)
Most species are found in the tropical and subtropical areas of the world.
There are at 14 species of Lema north of Mexico (Riley et al, 2003).

Texas Taxa

Lema conjuncta Lacordaire
Lema nigrovittata
Lema opulenta
Lema pubipes
H. Clark
Lema solani
Lema trabeata
Lema trivittata trivittata


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