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Banded Hickory Borer

Knulliana cincta (Drury)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Torneutini


Banded Hickory Borer - Knulliana cincta (Drury)

Utley, Bastrop Co., Texas
April 7, 2006 (Brush Freeman)

Range: Eastern North America to western Texas, south to northern Mexico (Hovore et al. 1987)

Adult Activity: March to October in North Central Texas (Lingafelter & Horner, 1993)

Larval Hosts:  

Juglans, Carya, Castanea, Quercus, Celtis, Pyrus, Sapindus, Salix (Linsley 1962), Prosopis (Hovore & Giesbert 1976), Citrus (Dean 1953), Leucaena (Hovore & Penrose 1982)


Abundant at night on limbs and trunks of newly felled hackberry, huisache, and tepehuaje in May and October, but only occasionally attracted to lights (Hovore et al. 1987). Lingafelter & Horner (1993) collected 122 specimens in light-traps, from lights, syrup traps, pool skimmer baskets, and from the trunks of trees.

Similar Species: Only one North American species of  Knulliana with three subspecies (Monné & Hovore 2005)

cincta cincta (Drury) - eNAmer-TX, nMexico (NL, SO)
cincta sonorensis (Schaeffer) - swUSA (TX, AZ), nMexico (SO)
cincta spinifera (Fabricius) - seUSA, neMexico, W Indies (Bahamas)


Knulliana c. cincta (Drury) - Florida State

Etymology: cinct (L). Girdled


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