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Orange Satyr-Moth

Heterusia atalantata (Guenée, [1858])

Family Geometridae, Subfamily Larentiinae, Tribe Stramnodini


Orange Satyr-Moth - Heterusia atalantata (Guenée, [1858])


Orange Satyr-Moth - Heterusia atalantata (Guenée, [1858])


Orange Satyr-Moth - Heterusia atalantata (Guenée, [1858])

NABA International Butterfly Park
Mission, Hidalgo County, Texas
December 4, 2005 (David J Hanson)

Range: US records: Texas: Starr, Hidalgo, Cameron Counties

Flight Period: October through December in Texas.

Note: This uncommon diurnal moth is attracted to nectar and bait.

Similar Species: Monotypic genus?

Etymology: atalant, -o (G). Equal to

Biography: Achille Guenée (1809 - 1880) - Wikipedia


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