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Blackened False Bombardier Beetle

Galerita aequinoctialis Chaudoir 1852

Family Carabidae, Subfamily Harpalinae, Tribe Galeritini


Galerita aequinoctialis Chaudoir 1852


TEX: Cameron Co.
Sabal Palm Grove
Sanct., X-26-1991
Coll. E. G. Riley
TEXAS: Cameron Co.
Sabal Palm Grove
Sanct., IV-8-9-1994
Coll. E. G. Riley

Both specimens curated in the TAMUIC

Range: Cameron County, Texas south to Central America

Similar Species: There are eight Nearctic species of Galerita (Arnett & Thomas, 2000)

Habitat: Forests


Little is known about the life history of Galerita, with one detail being outstanding: ovipositioning females of Galerita  (Progaleritina) bicolor (Drury 1773) encapsulate their eggs in mud cells, which they attach to the undersides of smooth leaves (King 1919). The distinctive larva and oviposition habit suggest an unusual way of life. (Ball & Bousquet 2001)

Etymology: Galerita aequinoctialis Chaudoir

galer (L). A cap
aequa (L). Equal, level
noctua (L). A night owl

Biography: Maximilien Chaudoir (1816 - 1881) was a Russian entomologist specializing on Carabidae - Wikipedia 


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