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Tiny Ant-mimicking Bycid

Euderces reichei LeConte

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Tillomorphini


Euderces reichei LeConte

(on beat sheet)

Warbler Woods
ne. of Schertz, Guadalupe Co., Texas
April 8, 2006 (M Quinn)

Texas County Records for Euderces reichei

Euderces reichei LeConte

County Record Data from E.G. Riley, April 2006

Range: Eastern United States to Central and South Texas; Tamaulipas, Mexico (Hovore et al. 1987)

Adult Activity: March to October (Hovore et al. 1987)

Larval Hosts: Sapindus, Celtis, Prosopis, Acacia, Zanthoxylum (Hovore et al. 1987)

Notes: Members of this genus are ant mimics. Specimens average under 5 mm in length (Lingafelter & Horner, 1993)

Similar Species: There are over 50 species of Euderces (Monné & Hovore, 2005), 6 occur in the United States (Arnett et al. 2002)

Texas Taxa:

Euderces picipes occidentalis Linsley - Oklahoma & Texas
Euderces pini
(Olivier) - Throughout the Atlantic Coast and Southern States
Euderces reichei LeConte


Euderces picipes occidentalis Linsley - Florida State
Euderces pini (Olivier) - Florida State
Euderces r. reichei LeConte - Florida State


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