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Robust Oak Borer

Enaphalodes atomarius (Drury)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Elaphidionini


Enaphalodes atomarius (Drury)

(at lights)

Hill Country Youth Ranch, on Brushy Creek, 
1 mile N of Ingram, Kerr Co., Texas 
21 May 2006 (T Gallucci)

(a substantial amount of this individual's pubescence has been rubbed off)

Range: Eastern North America, west to Arizona, south to Honduras (Monné & Hovore, 2005)

Adult Activity: May to September (Hovore et al. 1987)

Larval Hosts: Oaks, Hickories, hackberries, and perhaps Plums (Taber & Fleenor, 2003)

Similar Species: There are 10 species of Enaphalodes (Monné & Hovore, 2005), eight of which reach the United States (Arnett et al. 2002)


Texas Taxa:

Enaphalodes atomarius (Drury) 
Enaphalodes cortiphagus (Craighead)
Enaphalodes hispicornis (Linnaeus)  
Enaphalodes rufulus (Haldeman)
Enaphalodes taeniatus (LeConte) 

Biography: Dru Drury (1725 – 1804) - Wikipedia


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