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Veined Ctenucha

Ctenucha venosa Walker, 1854

Tiger Moth Family Arctiidae


Ctenucha venosa Walker, 1854

Hereford, Cochise, AZ
2 Sept 2005 (Robert A. Behrstock)

Range: Central U.S., south to Panama

Larval Host Plants: Grasses

Similar Species: There are six species of Ctenucha in the U.S.

Texas Taxa:

Ctenucha cressonana - Butterflies and Moths of North America 
Ctenucha venosa - Butterflies and Moths of North America 


Adult: Ctenucha venosa - Ed Knudson
Adult: Photos - Moth Photographer Group
Larva: Ctenucha venosa - Mike Singer

Note: First recorded from the US by Morris (1862) from Captian Carl Pope's US-Mexico Boundary Survey in the early 1950's.

Biography: Francis Walker (1809 - 1874) - Wikipedia


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