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Bronze-winged Coscinop

Coscinoptera aeneipennis (LeConte, 1858)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Cryptocephalinae, Tribe Clytrini

cf: Coleothorpa dominicana

Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park
Mission, Hidalgo County, Texas 
November 14, 2005 (Joshua Stuart Rose)

State Records for Coscinoptera aeneipennis

State Record Data per Riley et al. 2003


Southern California to southern Kansas and Arkansas, and south into northern Mexico and the Baja California peninsula (Arnett et al. 2002).


Recorded in association with Acacia, Lotus and Prosopis (Fabaceae), and Eriogonum (Polygonaceae) (Clark et al. 2004)

Similar Species

This genus includes 18 New World species, but only Coscinoptera aeneipennis ranges north of Mexico (Moldenke 1981).

Type Specimen:

Original combination: Euryscopa aeneipennis LeConte, 1858 
Current name: Coscinoptera aeneipennis

Etymology: Coscinoptera aeneipennis (LeConte, 1858)

aene (L). Bronze; bronze-colored
penn, =a, -ati, -i (L). A feather; a wing; feathered


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