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Anacua Tortoise Beetle

Coptocycla texana (Schaeffer, 1933)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Cassidinae, Tribe Cassidini


Anacua Tortoise Beetle - Coptocycla texana

Anacua Tortoise Beetle - Coptocycla texana

(Frass-carrying larva (left) and three adult beetles all on the undersides of a Anacua leaves)

Donna, Hidalgo Co., Texas - March 17, 1999 (M Quinn)


Texas County Map of the Anacua Tortoise Beetle


County Record Data from E.G. Riley, Dec. 2005


Map of Anacua - Ehretia anacua specimens in the MBG


(Map from Missouri Botanical Garden's VAST database)

Distribution of Anacua Tortoise Beetle should closely mirror the distribution of its host Anacua.

Range: Eastern Mexico north to Central Texas.

Host: Restricted to Anacua - Ehretia anacua, family Boraginaceae. (Info from Native Plant Project) 

Similar Species: There are many species of Coptocycla, but only C. texana reaches the United States



copt, -o (G). Cut; strike
cycl, -o, =us (G). A circle, wheel


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