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Knab's Leaf Beetle

Chrysomela knabi Brown

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Chrysomelinae, Tribe Chrysomelini

cf: Chrysomela scripta


Knab's Leaf Beetle - Chrysomela knabiBrown

Gainesville, Hall Co., Georgia
April 26, 2003 (Troy Bartlett)

State Records for Chrysomela knabi

Knab's Leaf Beetle - Chrysomela knabiBrown

State Record Data per Riley et al, 2003


This species normally feeds on Willows - Salix spp. - Salicaceae (Clark et al, 2004)
But it has also been associated with Populus spp. - Salicaceae (Clark et al, 2004)

Similar Species

Sixteen species of this Holarctic genus occur in the US and Canada (Arnett et al, 2002).

Texas Taxa: (per Riley et al,. 2003)

Chrysomela interrupta Fabricius 
Chrysomela knabi Brown
Chrysomela scripta Fabricius
Chrysomela texana (Schaeffer)

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