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Soldier Beetle - Chauliognathus sp.

Family Cantharidae, Subfamily Chauliognathinae, Tribe Chauliognathini


(on Asclepias asperula)

FM 1674, Menard Co., Texas
April 29, 2005 (M Quinn)

Similar Species: 

There are 19 widely distributed Nearctic species of Chauliognathus.

Texas Taxa:

Chauliognathus basalis LeConte 
Chauliognathus discus discus
Chauliognathus discus texanus
Chauliognathus lewisi lewisi
Chauliognathus limbicollis
Chauliognathus marginatus
Chauliognathus omissus
Chauliognathus pensylvanicus
Chauliognathus scutellaris
Chauliognathus transversus
Chauliognathus werneri


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