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Pilose Checkered Beetle

Chariessa pilosa (Forster, 1781)

Family Cleridae, Subfamily Enopliinae


Pilose Checkered Beetle - Chariessa pilosa (Forster)


Deep Fork NWR, Okmulgee, Okmulgee Co., Oklahoma
June 7, 2003 (Charles Schurch Lewallen)


One of the most common species in eastern forests from Canada to Florida, west to Montana, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas (Wolcott, 1947).

Adult Activity: April through July in North Carolina (Brimley, 1938)


Both larvae and adults are predacious. Larvae feed on eggs, larvae and adults of wood-boring beetles in galleries of various hardwoods. Adults are often observed feeding on insects attracted to freshly cut logs during the summer. 

Similar Species: Four species of Chariessa widely distributed in North America (Arnett et al, 2002). 

Texas Taxa:

Chariessa elegans Horn
Chariessa pilosa (Forster)
Chariessa vestita (Chevrolat)

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Clerid ID Aids

North American Cleridae associated with conifers - Bruce D. Ayres & W. F. Barr.
A Guide to the Cleridae of Atlantic Canada - Christopher Majka

Etymology: Chariessa pilosa (Forster, 1781)

char (G). Graceful
pilos (L). Hairy


Johann Reinhold Forster (1729 – 1798) - Wikipedia
Johann Georg Adam Forster (1754 - 1794) - Wikipedia


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