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Four-spotted Babia Leaf Beetle

Babia quadriguttata (Olivier)

Family Chrysomelidae, Subfamily Cryptocephalinae, Tribe Clytrini


Babia quadriguttata (Olivier)

Chattahoochee Nat'l Rec. Area, 
Medlock Bridge, Georgia
June 10, 2003 (Troy Bartlett)

State Records for Babia quadriguttata

Babia quadriguttata (Olivier)

State Record Data per Riley et al. 2003

Range: New Mexico & Colorado, north to Minnesota, east to Massachusetts, south to Florida  (Riley et al. 2003).

Hosts: Reported from 12 plant families, mostly shrubs and trees (Clark et al. 2004)

Adult Activity: May 3 to July 29 in Alabama based on 15 specimens (Balsbaugh & Hays 1972)

ID Note: This is the only black and red Clytrini in the eastern United States - Edward G. Riley

Similar Species: Two species (and a number of subspecies, some questionable) occur north of Mexico (Arnett et al. 2002).

Texas Taxa:

Babia quadriguttata (Olivier)
Babia tetraspilota J. L. LeConte

Weblinks: Babia quadriguttata quadriguttata - Leaf Beetles of Great Smoky Mountains NP - Edward G. Riley

PhotosBabia quadriguttata - Balsbaugh & Hays

Biography: Guillaume Antoine Olivier 1756-1814 - University of Nebraska-Lincoln State Museum - Division of Entomology


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