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Red-shouldered August Elaterid

Anchastus augusti (Candèze)

Family Elateridae, Subfamily Elaterinae, Tribe Ampedini


Red-shouldered August Elaterid - Anchastus augusti (Candeze)


TEXAS: Cameron Co.
Sabal Palm Grove 
Sanct., X-10- 1994
E. G. Riley-13

Specimen curated in the TAMUIC

Range: Cameron County, Texas south to Central America

Similar Species: 

There are 17 species of Anchastus in the U.S. 

Texas taxa includes:

Anchastus augusti (Candèze)  
Anchastus bicolor LeConte  
Anchastus rufus Candèze 

Biography: Ernest Charles Auguste Candèze (1827-1898) was a Belgian doctor and entomologist - Wikipedia


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