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Decorated Beauty

Anaxita decorata Walker, 1855

Tiger Moth Family Arctiidae


Decorated Beauty - Anaxita decorata Walker, 1855

UV light

MEXICO: Tamaulipas, El Canindo, 
nr. Ejido San Jose, 7.5 km W. Gomez Farias, 
1400 m, 19-21 July 1994 (Cate, Quinn, Riley)

This large insect created quite the stir when it came into the lights.
It was collected on the greatest entomological expedition that I was ever a party to.

This singular specimen is curated in the TAMUIC.

Range: Mexico & Central America.

Type Locality: Mexico

Similar Species: There are nine species of Anaxita, all restricted to the Neotropics.

Photo: Mexican Beauty - Posted on WhatsThatBug.com

Biography: Francis Walker (1809 - 1874) - Wikipedia


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