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Riley's Elegant Canopy Beetle

Agra rileyi Erwin 2017

Family Carabidae, Subfamily Harpalinae, Tribe Lebiini


Agra oblongopunctata oblongopunctata Chevrolat 1835

Texas: Hidalgo Co.
17 km SE McAllen
July 28-30, 1976

Specimen curated in the UTIC, Austin, TX

Range: Cameron, Hidalgo and Starr Counties south to Central America

Similar Species: There are 520 Neotropical species of Agra, of which two species reach southmost Texas (Ball & Bousquet 2001)

Flight Period: April to October in Texas


Little is know about the way of life of the species of Agra, except that adults are arboreal, many living in the high canopy of tropical evergreen forests; some individuals are attracted to light sources. (Ball & Bousquet 2001)

Note: The foremost living authority on this group is Terry L. Erwin, Curator of Coleoptera, Chairman, Department of Entomology, Smithsonian

Biography: Louis Alexandre Auguste Chevrolat (1799-1884) was a French entomologist - Wikipedia


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