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Adorned Texas Palm Bycid

Agallissus lepturoides (Chevrolat in Orbigny, 1844)

Family Cerambycidae, Subfamily Cerambycinae, Tribe Agallissini


Adorned Texas Palm Bycid - Agallissus lepturoides (Chevrolat)

Specimens from Mexico

Curated in the TAMUIC

Range: Cameron County, Texas south to Honduras

The two Texas (Cameron Co.) records are from about 1900 and 1990. (Dan Heffern, pers. comm., 2007)

Habitat: Associated with Palms in Central America and Texas.

Similar species: Two species in Agallissus, but only Agallissus lepturoides reaches the United States

Agallissus lepturoides (Chevrolat in Orbigny) 1844 = south Texas, Mexico-Honduras
melaniodes Dalman 1823 = Mexico-Honduras

Collecting Methods:

Best to carefully search host plants or use a malaise trap, Lindgren funnel, or flight intercept trap as this species is apparently not attracted to lights or sugar (Dan Heffern, pers. comm. 2007). Insect Collecting Information

Other U.S. Palm-associated Cerambycidae:

Tribe Agallissini:

Zagymnus clerinus (LeConte) - Florida, Georgia - (Is on the cover of: The Cerambycidae of Florida)
Osmopleura chamaeropis (Horn 1893) - Florida, Georgia, one record from Texas

Etymology: Agallissus lepturoides (Chevrolat in Orbigny, 1844)

agall, -o (G). Adorn
lept, -ale, -ino, -o (G). Fine, slender
-oid (G). Like; form


Louis Alexandre Auguste Chevrolat - (1799 - 1884) was a French entomologist - Wikipedia
Alcide Charles Victor Marie Dessalines d'Orbigny (1802 -1857) was a French naturalist - Wikipedia


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